Export single numbers to LaTeX or MS Word

In a text, you often you refer to a number (e.g. the number of observations in the estimation sample). There is a simple way to automise the export of this number from a Stata-do-file to a Latex-document. It works by generating another latex-document, which contains this number only. This newly created file can be included in the main latex-document. Here is how it works (example here: number of observations, where id is the identifier for individuals):

tab id

file open newfile using numberofobs.tex, write replace

file write newfile “`r(r)’”

file close newfile

This syntax generates the number of distinct values of variable id.

1 thought on “Export single numbers to LaTeX or MS Word

  1. This syntax can also be used to export single numbers to other programs, such as MS Word or MS Excel.

    In MS Word, it works as follows:
    1) generate the separate file as described above
    2) in MS Word: go to INSERT–>FIELD; choose function INSERTTEXT. There, you have to enter the files path. That’s it

    Using MS Word’s update function, the file (and the corresponding numbers) can easily be changed

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