Useful resources

On this page, I post links to resources that I found helpful. Most of these I got across browsing #econtwitter. If you have anything that might be worth posting here or would like to report a broken link, please send me an email or comment below

For helpful resources and links regarding Stata, I created a separate page that you can access here.

Please also check the collections of Jennifer Doleac, Amanda Agan, Claes Bäckman, Susan Athey, and the AEA’s collection of resources.

A. Presenting research and writing research papers

Presenting research in seminars and conferences

Writing research papers

Communicating with media

Managing references in research papers

B. The editorial process – submitting papers and writing reports

Submitting papers and editorial process

Writing referee reports

C. Present yourself and the Econ Job Market

CVs and websites

Job Market

D. Productive working

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