General resources: writing papers, the editorial process, and job (market) advice

By now, there are numerous blog posts, presentations and other media with useful resources on how to survive as an applied economist. On this page, I post links to resources that I found helpful. Most of these I got across browsing #econtwitter. If you have anything that might be worth posting here or would like to report a broken link, please send me an email or comment below

By now, there are many collections of useful resources similar to ours. Please also check the collections of Jennifer Doleac, Amanda Agan, Claes Bäckman, Susan Athey, Christine Cai, Kirby Nielsen, Chris Roth & Daniel Schindler, and the AEA’s collection of resources.

Table of Contents

Conducting research in applied economics

The production function of research papers: conducting, writing and presenting your research

Generating and selecting ideas

Coding principles

Writing research papers

Presenting & disseminating your work

Oral presentations and discussions

Discussing others’ papers

Communicating with media and dissemination of research

The editorial process – submitting papers and writing reports

Submitting papers, the editorial process, and getting your work published

For reviewers: writing referee reports

Yourself and the internet: presentation and dissemination

CVs and websites

Using Twitter for Academics

The academic ladder: from RA to (full) professor

Tips for research assistants (RA)

Entering PhD programs

Surviving PhD programs

From graduate to post-graduate: The Econ Job Market

General econ-job-market advice

The European econ job market


Making things permanent: getting tenure

Writing tenure letters

Entering non-academic jobs

Other tips



Productive working and mental health

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