Produce multiple pdfs in LaTeX with automated cross-references

For some time I looked for a way to simplify the process of linking LaTeX files of my manuscripts with the replies to editors and referees. In particular, I was looking for a way to automatically update cross-references (i.e. to put a \ref in the replies and link it to a \label in the mansuctipt – for example for a table), and also to put direct quotes of the from the main text into a report (e.g. if you want to tell the editor/referee if you have a specific sentence, paragraph or even table added to the revised manuscript).

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Track Changes in LaTeX and compare documents

One big disadvantage of writing in LaTeX compared to writing in other software, such as Word, is that its absence of track changes. Although there are ways to do track changes, such as the online tex-editor Sharelatex or the trackchanges package, I have sticked to commenting out deleted parts of the text, or by highlighting new passages in red. Continue reading

A site for your unanswered TeX questions

The site is now open to the public. Anyone can register there and read, ask or answer questions related to TeX. Like on the popular site Stack Overflow, the audience votes for good answers, so the best answers are easy to find: at the top of all answers.

The status of the site is now public beta. This will last from 60 to 90 days, afterwards we’ll see if the site is successful and would stay online.

Now, after 7 days in private beta, the site has 323 users and 658 answers to 242 questions.

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