Stata courses

Drawing on my long-standing experience with Stata software, I’m now offering courses in Applied Microeconomics with Stata. I offer two different courses customized for beginners in Stata and for users with intermediate knowledge of Stata.

The courses

At the moment, we offer two courses: one at the beginners’ level targeted e.g. at Masters or first year PhD students with no prior experience of using Stata, and one at intermediate level course targeted at individuals who are familiar with Stata but would like to take their Stata skills to the next level. Both courses can be tailored to the specific needs of the students.

Applied Microeconomics with Stata – Beginners’ level

  • Introduction to Stata: basic usage (loading and merging data; writing your first do-file)
  • Principles of replication for statistical analyses
  • Cleaning and first inspection of your data
  • Producing descriptive statistics
  • Running and interpreting regressions
  • Exporting output to various formats as text, tables, and figures

Applied Microeconomics with Stata – Intermediate level

  • Structuring do-files
  • Advanced use of macros (globals and locals) in writing do-files
  • Data management for efficient use of computer/server resources
  • Frames
  • Advanced regression analyses
  • Customizing various forms of statistical output

Where and how

The courses can be taught both virtual (Zoom or MS Teams) or in person. Depending on the needs, course length and intensity can be adjusted. The primary language is English, but courses can also be offered in Swedish or German. For more information and quotes, please contact Jan Sauermann.

Your teacher

All courses will be taught by Associate Professor Jan Sauermann (personal website, BlueSky, LinkedIn). Jan has specialized in applied labor economics and uses different methods in his researchg including difference-in-differences estimation, regression discontinuity designs, and (field) experimental methods. He has taught at various universities in Germany, the Netherlands, and Sweden. Jan received his PhD in 2013 from Maastricht University and is currently associate professor at the Institute for Evaluation of Labour Market and Education Policy (IFAU) in Uppsala Sweden. Besides his research, Jan also runs the StataTex-Blog (Twitter, BlueSky, LinkedIn), which he founded during his PhD studies in 2010 and where he regularly share tipps for both Stata and LaTeX, but also general advice for succeeding in the profession.

The courses can be adjusted in terms of topics and depths and will all be taught with open access data files so that students can practise the course contents.