Include entire PDF files in your LaTeX document

I described already earlier how to use images in pdf format in your LaTeX document, e.g. if you want to include a screenshot of a Table of a paper in pdf format in your slides (which results in much better quality than using jpg or similar formats).

But what if you want to include complete pages of a document or even complete pdf documents? I have used the latter for example as a reliable tool to append pdf documents, such as papers.

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Google Scholar to BiBTeX

Just found an easy way to import new references into my bibtex-database. When accessing Google Scholar, you can change google scholar preferences (next to the search field) that you get the bibtex-code for each result. Especially for working paper versions or conference papers this can be messy. But in general an easy way to update your bibtex-database.

Why I don’t need SPSS any more …

Most of you know that I don’t like to have SPSS on my computer, let alone use it. Over time I had several versions of SPSS installed nevertheless. And that is because SPSS allowed me to open a SPSS file and then save it in … STATA format. Now there is no reason to do that anymore, and that is not due to StatTransfer!
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StatTransfer … who needs it?

Once more working on some standarized data to generate some standard output and graphs in * yuck * Excel. Well, we have to learn to live with the fact that some people and organizations don’t want STATA graphs and tables. So we have to export to Excel. In my case this were several tables and cross tables that were then linked to Excel Graphs. So far I did this with copy-pasting or using StatTransfer, today I found a different way …
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