Add time stamp to Stata figures

Especially in the early stages of a research project it might be good to “time stamp” figure so that you can later figure out when you created a certain figure. Of course you could just check the date in the explorer / finder, but you can also simply add a note to the figure with time and date of its creation:

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Managing time variables in Stata and SPSS

I just came across the problem that a date in Stata is not the same as a date in SPSS. They are, however, based on the same principle: time variables, e.g. a variable containing days, contain the number of elapsed time units (days, weeks, months, seconds, or other date units) since a base date which is defined by the software.

In Stata, the base date is the first time unit in 1960 (e.g. January 1, 1960). For other time units, Continue reading