Economics journals BibTex styles (.bst)

Over and over again we were searching for BibTeX styles files (.bst) that follow the required styles of specific journals. So we decided to create a list ourselves. If you have any additions or corrections, please lets us know!

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Three ways to import references into your BiBTeX database

Manually importing references into your BiBTeX database can be tedious (and prone to make errors…). While you can download the BiBTeX code from the journal websites or other sites such as IDEAS, there are three four other useful ways to efficiently update your BiBTeX database

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Google Scholar to BiBTeX

Just found an easy way to import new references into my bibtex-database. When accessing Google Scholar, you can change google scholar preferences (next to the search field) that you get the bibtex-code for each result. Especially for working paper versions or conference papers this can be messy. But in general an easy way to update your bibtex-database.