Follow new journal articles via RSS-feeds

When I started, I mainly checked new articles of my favorite journals and working paper series through email newsletters. To avoid to get too many emails, you can also subscribe to new articles through RSS-feeds (Really Simple Syndication). For me, the main advantage is that I can easily scroll through a lot of new articles at once in one place.

To do so, you first need a RSS-reader (I prefer the free version of feedly which works very well on several devices). Follow the instructions in that reader and get started.

There are two ways to add the RSS feed of a journal to your RSS reader.

  1. Many journals provide On many journal homepages you have a direct link to the RSS feed. Just copy the link, and paste it into your reader.
  2. Even if the RSS feeds are not directly provided by the publisher, you copy the URL of the journal and paste it into your reader. In the case of feedly, the reader usually suggests to subscribe to that journal’s feed.

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