Turning Footnotes into Endnotes …

Submitting (LaTeX) written papers has some advantages: one usually does not have to change any formatting manually. LaTeX does that for us if it is instructed to do so. Journals often want the submissions to be formatted in a peculiar way. My challenge was to change footnotes to endnotes. I did remember that it was easy in LaTeX, but not how it was done, so Google had to help me …

The solution is the endnotes package, that allows you to make endnotes. But since I did not want to search and replace all footnotes into endnotes, I had to redefine them in LaTeX and tell LaTeX where to put the endnotes:

In the preamble I set:

At the position that I want my endnotes printed I insert:

\parindent 0pt
\parskip 2ex

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