Why I don’t need SPSS any more …

Most of you know that I don’t like to have SPSS on my computer, let alone use it. Over time I had several versions of SPSS installed nevertheless. And that is because SPSS allowed me to open a SPSS file and then save it in … STATA format. Now there is no reason to do that anymore, and that is not due to StatTransfer!

Your new friend is spssuse.ado, which is available on the SSC servers. It is easy to install by typing:

ssc install spssuse
ssc install usespss

After that the command spssuse filename.sav will open a SPSS file with the name “filename”. It preserves labels and does not care about compressed or uncompressed versions of the data format (it opens them all).

I am happy and ditched my copy of SPSS, so when will you do the same?

3 thoughts on “Why I don’t need SPSS any more …

  1. Thanks for this helpful command. Eventually getting rid of StatTransfer… However, the file is called -usespss-, the appropriate installation command is:

    ssc install usespss

  2. And a further problem with SPSS… I’ve got a dataset with strings (names and email addresses). My SPSS file contains the string information correctly.

    When using –usespss– these strings are abbreviated to the first letter or the first letters.

    Any ideas on that?

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